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CoWorking Spaces in Indonesia

When you’re considering your next destination as a digital nomad, you may have come across Bali, one of the first places people recommend. And who can contest that, when Bali is a tropical paradise filled with beautiful chaos and charming beaches? Don’t forget the spectacular nightlife and fun events lined up! 

But Bali is just a small area compared to the country it sits in. We mustn’t sleep on Indonesia, which is a spectacular country with a growing number of digital nomads because of its rich culture, low cost of living, and of course, accessibility for remote workers.

This means you can expect a smorgasbord of coworking spaces in Indonesia to meet all needs, from fast WiFi to private rooms to meet your team.

With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look into some of the best coworking spaces in Indonesia and why it’s a country worth exploring.

Why Visit Indonesia as a Digital Nomad?

Let us cut to the chase – The reason why Indonesia is one of the top countries to head to as a digital nomad is because of how welcoming they are. The government and locals are aware of the exponential growth of the digital nomad community in their country, which is why they are creating establishments based on their needs, including affordable coworking spaces.

Moreover, the government has also issued a digital nomad visa, which further attracts and retains remote workers in Indonesia. When availing of this visa, you can stay in Indonesia for the long term, with individuals being able to stay for up to five years! 

Besides the wide community and welcoming locals, there’s more to Indonesia that makes it worth visiting. 

Indonesia offers extremely low costs of living compared to other countries around the world. One meal from an inexpensive restaurant can be as low as $1! Monthly rent in apartments within the city center starts at $250, with average monthly costs being $1,500. 

You will also be surrounded by amazing attractions in the country, with there being something for everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can partake in dozens of outdoor activities, may it be rapid water rafting, hiking, ATV, scuba diving, and more! If you’re more of a laidback traveler who wants peace around nature, you can surround yourself with lush rainforests or quiet beaches. 

But wait! What about work? While you can work anywhere, you’ll obviously want a comfortable and work-conducive space to complete projects and goals. 

Fortunately, Indonesia is filled with many coworking spaces made for any digital nomad. Every space is unique but always ensure that they offer reliable Internet, proper workstations, and even perks like unlimited beverages, fitness centers, and more!

The Best Coworking Spaces in Indonesia

Now that you know why Indonesia is worth visiting for work-life balance, the next question is.- Where should you be working when you aren’t busy exploring?

Check out these coworking spaces in Indonesia!

Tribal Bali

Tribal Bali
Photo: Tribal Bali website

Since Bali is one of the most popular digital nomad hubs, it makes sense to mention a spectacular coworking space in the area. Tribal Bali is Bali’s first purpose-built co-working hostel, where you can get everything in one establishment.

You won’t only get a spacious coworking space with open surroundings and comfortable rooms to sleep in. It’s also a space where you can play, with an infinity pool, pool table, and delicious food from their café or bar! 

The coworking space also offers community events without any membership fees, so you can meet with fellow digital nomads and build your network. 


Photo: GoWork website

GoWork isn’t just one coworking space. It’s a whole company with dozens of collaborative hubs around Indonesia. Its reputation and many branches nationwide make it worth heading to. No matter where you are in Indonesia, you can head to one of GoWork’s offices where you can set your laptop up and start working. 

They have state-of-the-art amenities and bright, welcoming environments that inspire professionals to work and grow. From their Hot Desks, conference rooms, and private offices or lounges, you can find a space to feel comfortable in for meetings and projects. GoWork’s strategic locations across Indonesia are a huge convenience because almost every city will have a space where you can finish your tasks before heading out again. 

Greenhouse, Jakarta

Greenhouse Jakarta
Photo: Greenhouse website

Jakarta is a popular city digital nomads head to, being Indonesia’s largest city and its special capital district! It’s the country’s political, cultural, and economic hub, meant for modern travelers who want a taste of Indonesia’s city life. 

But if you want to “get away” from that city life for a bit and get a breather, then Greenhouse gives you a nice balance between greenery and contemporary spaces. As the name suggests, Greenhouse has a natural atmosphere where you’ll be surrounded by green, earthy elements to feel closer to nature. The view from the 25th floor of Multivision Tower is fantastic, thanks to the huge windows bringing in natural light!

What all three of these coworking spaces have in common is their affordability and accessibility to many accommodations, restaurants, and attractions. Moreover, you will receive reliable WiFi and other useful amenities, including free use of office supplies and printing services. 

It’s up to you as to where you’d like to go based on what surroundings you’d like to immerse yourself into. Bali is perfect for those who love the outdoors, while Jakarta is perfect for city dwellers. But if you would like to have a mix of both, go ahead and explore the whole of Indonesia and coworking in a company with multiple offices, like GoWork.

Wrapping It Up

With many places in Indonesia accommodating digital nomads, it’s a lucrative choice if you plan to make that long-term move. While it won’t be a simple process, it will definitely be worth all that planning, especially when you already have a list of coworking spaces and coliving accommodations to stay at. 

So, don’t wait any longer and begin planning your ultimate trip to the wonderful country of Indonesia and start living out your dream of working by the beach!