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CoWorking Spaces in Cambodia

Don’t you just admire the life of a digital nomad? It’s a thrilling one filled with so much adventure! But if you aren’t up for an adventure, then you can always unwind and work someplace known for its peace and serenity, surrounding yourself with beautiful beaches or quiet rainforests. 

Digital nomads have almost complete control of where they want to go and what they want to do. And with that in mind, many of them turn to Cambodia as one of their must-visits! Thanks to its low cost of living, rich culture, and increasing number of coworking spaces, Cambodia has become one of the ultimate destinations among travelers and remote workers alike.

Coworking spaces are fairly new to the country, but thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure, more establishments are popping up regularly. It’s why the country is now home to many digital nomads, innovative ex-pats, and start-up business owners alike.

Take a look at our list of coworking spaces in Cambodia and why it’s worth visiting this wonderful country.

Why Visit Cambodia as a Digital Nomad?

There are two major reasons why you can find digital nomads heading to Cambodia, and that’s:

Cost of Living

Cambodia is regarded as the ultimate country where you can travel in luxury without spending a lot! It’s one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia, and if you’re on a budget, you can continue living comfortably. 

You can live comfortably in Cambodia for less than $2,000 monthly, and that already includes a spacious apartment, delicious meals daily, coworking space fees, transportation, and so many more!

It’s an Amazing Country

Even if you weren’t traveling as a digital nomad, Cambodia is worth visiting for its fantastic attractions. It established its name as Southeast Asia’s tourist paradise, where you can get the perfect balance between nature and the city. 

Each city offers different vibes, and you can even explore every one of them during your trip. Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia offers a more cosmopolitan feel with vibrant nightlife. You can also head to Siem Reap, which is a more laid-back area where you can immerse yourself in the country’s history and culture. 

Best of all, Cambodia is accommodating towards the digital nomad community, with numerous coworking spaces and coliving accommodation options. That way, you can achieve your work goals while being able to explore a whole new world!

In fact, Cambodia was named one of the top ten nations for digital nomads to work from in 2021. While the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things down a bit, this year has seen much progress as we reach a new normal. Phnom Penh, in particular, has added more office spaces and coworking spaces throughout recent years.

Best Coworking Spaces in Cambodia

So, Cambodia is a lucrative option, especially if you’re thinking of your budget and exploring a unique culture. But other than thinking of your accommodation and places to visit, what about spaces you can get work done?

Here are three coworking spaces in Cambodia to consider heading to:

Impact Hub, Phnom Penh

Impact Hub is situated in the heart of Phnom Penh, a popular coworking space that goes beyond a place to get work done. It’s one of the top choices among start-ups and innovators thanks to the company’s incubator programs, workshops, and events. They even offer mentorships and resourceful networks, all with the goal of helping people grow.

Their coworking space offers everything you need to get work done and more. You can avail of your designated desk or head to private rooms to hold meetings or calls. The entire space has fast WiFi and a space made for just about any digital nomad.

You’ll also be pleased to know that Impact Hub ensures that their space is as environment-friendly as possible, using local products and encouraging a plastic-free environment. 

AngkorHub, Siem Reap

Photo: AngkorHub

AngkorHub is a popular coworking space in Siem Reap, offering every digital nomad needs the moment they arrive in the country! Not only is this a comfortable coworking space, but it also offers coliving accommodation. It’s located in an accessible area where you won’t have any trouble finding restaurants or modes of transportation to roam around.

Moreover, AngkorHub offers numerous helpful services for digital nomads to explore the city safely. You can avail airport pickup services, purchase SIM cards, grab some food from their café, and even pet their in-house cat, Tyler! 

Many people love the simple and open coworking space AngkorHub offers, allowing people to connect. Thanks to their accommodation, you can wake up and go straight to work without the need to travel anywhere to your office!

Nomad Working Space, Kampot

This is the ultimate hangout space for digital nomads! We love the vibe of Nomad Working Space because you get to work in an open environment and feel at home. However, you won’t succumb to procrastination here, because you’ll feel motivated to get things done to meet with fellow digital nomads and explore the beauty of Kampot!

Kampot has a lovely laidback lifestyle, so you get to wake up to peace and serenity from the space, as they offer hostel and guesthouse accommodations. However, it’s their large roof space and gym that takes the cake, so you can get your workout in during work breaks. But if you want something less noisy with more privacy, the space also offers private offices and conference rooms with the option of renting office equipment. 

They even have three restaurants on-site, offering delicious local snacks and coffee!

Wrapping It Up

Cambodia is more than just a “pit stop” for backpackers. People are discovering more of the country’s beauty and rich cultural heritage! The Ultimate Guide to CoWorking Spaces in Southeast Asia

Fortunately, the country is answering back to the growing number of digital nomads and innovators from all over the world interested in exploring their homes. With so many coworking spaces, you’ll be able to get things done successfully. 

Don’t wait any longer and plan your trip to Cambodia now!