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The Ultimate Guide to Coworking Spaces in Southeast Asia

One of the crucial parts of a successful digital nomad lifestyle is exploring places that will surely bring you happiness and thrills. Another aspect to consider is still achieving the work-life balance to sustain your travels and adventures. This entails staying in destinations where there are reliable, enjoyable areas to get work done when needed.

Instead of having a set office from anywhere around the world, it may be more practical to find coworking spaces to focus on your projects and businesses.

If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, then you’re in for a treat – This is one of the biggest hubs for digital nomads, ex-pat entrepreneurs, remote workers, and the like!

You can find thousands of digital nomads flocking to Southeast Asia because of its beauty, diversity, and lower cost of living compared to other countries. As such, the region is responding to the higher demand of working travelers by putting up more coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes.

For those planning their trip to countries in Southeast Asia, you’re in the right place. We’ll share a quick guide on the best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia, along with how to choose one and why it’s worth heading to the region in the first place.

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    What to Check for the Best Coworking Spaces in Asia

    Did you know that coworking spaces in the Asia-Pacific region have grown by 35.7% from 2014-2017? It’s expected to continue increasing, with the region outgrowing most of the world when it comes to developing flexible workspaces. 

    Because of the many coworking spaces in Southeast Asia, it can get a bit confusing to choose which ones are worth heading to. To help narrow down your options to avoid wasting time in coworking spaces that don’t suit your individual needs. 


    This is an obvious factor to consider but still worth mentioning. You must select a location that’s easily accessible from your accommodation, or one that already offers coliving accommodation so you won’t have to worry about commuting.

    Moreover, the coworking space should be strategically located, where you can easily find means of transportation, restaurants, tourist attractions, and the like. If you plan to rent a car or bike, make sure they offer free parking. 

    Internet Speed

    Internet is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a coworking space. How will you be able to work without Internet? You can’t download large files, upload your projects, or meet with your team from different parts of the world without the fast Internet. 

    Because of that, you must ensure that the coworking space you head to has speedy, reliable Internet. Understandably, not all places in Southeast Asia would have the best Internet speeds (it can range between 10-100 MBPS or more). This is why it’s always worth checking and asking around to see which area has the best WiFi, or at least a great mobile signal in case you have to use your mobile data.

    Office Amenities

    Most standard coworking spaces in Southeast Asia are fitted with standard office equipment like printers, photocopiers, and the like. However, it’s worth asking if they offer this office equipment and other extra supplies that you’ll need for productivity, such as chargers, projectors, whiteboards, and the like.

    Consider other practical amenities to help you work efficiently the entire day, such as printing services, meeting rooms, a pantry, shower, or even phone booths, among other facilities you may need. 

    The atmosphere and Office Environment

    What thousands of digital nomads love about coworking spaces in Southeast Asia is the atmosphere it exudes, along with their versatility. If you prefer a more professional setting, you can head to busy cities with coworking spaces set in office buildings.

    But most digital nomads, prefer to have the perfect balance of work and vacation. This means being able to work right in front of the beach, surrounded by lush green forests, or minutes away from tourist attractions so that when they clock out of work, they can head out to explore. 

    Make sure that you find a coworking space within your proximity that fits your aesthetic and encourages you to work productively and spark creativity. Moreover, it’s worth finding a coworking space with the potential for networking, where you can join community events.

    Flexibility and Privacy

    Did you know that most people believe they feel more productive when they can change locations throughout their work day? 

    When we mean flexibility in this section, it means being able to move around the entire coworking space for a change of scenery. Many coworking spaces would offer dedicated desks but still give you the ability to move around for a change of space, such as working in common rooms or private focus areas. 

    Privacy is another factor to consider, as you will want to network yet still have a quiet space for yourself when you need to completely concentrate on work. Some coworking spaces offer private rooms so you won’t have to worry about the foot traffic around you. 

    Other Awesome Perks

    Besides the usual office amenities or facilities coworking spaces offer, you can find some spaces offering unique perks to make your work experience even better in your dream destination. 

    Many coworking spaces offer free refreshments like unlimited coffee, water, and tea. Others offer extra amenities like an in-house café, yoga studio, outdoor patios, and even a gym!

    Access and Security

    Coworking spaces must be readily available at the time you usually work. This can be during the wee hours of the morning or midnight (after all, you are working with people from different time zones). That’s why 24/7 coworking spaces are a huge perk!

    Because you may be working at varying parts of the day, you’ll want to feel secure. This is all the more important if you plan to leave your belongings when going out to lunch or even overnight. Learn about the security measures of the coworking space. They should offer access cards and CCTV monitoring for your safety. 


    Of course, you wouldn’t want to overspend on coworking spaces! Make sure that you already set a budget aside for the days you plan to work, or better yet, consider getting a subscription for a hot desk in a coworking space if you plan on staying in the region for the long-term. You can save more this way!

    Fortunately, most coworking spaces in Southeast Asia aren’t just affordable, but they offer flexible weekly or monthly plans with added perks at good prices.

    What is Special about CoWorking Spaces in Asia

    So, why is it worth heading to Asia and finishing projects in coworking spaces on the continent? Here are just a couple of reasons that make coworking spaces in Southeast Asia special:

    Collaboration Opportunities

    As mentioned, the number of digital nomads heading to Asia for work-life balance is booming! It’s only expected to go from here on out. This allows digital nomads and budding entrepreneurs to network with like-minded people of different professional backgrounds. A lot of coworking spaces in Southeast Asia host fun networking and community events so you can mingle and connect with people you can hopefully collaborate with in the future for work success.

    Added Flexibility

    Many coworking spaces in Southeast Asia offer 24/7 access to their premises so anyone can work with clients and their projects no matter the time of day. You can adjust your work day according to your own time and lifestyle, so during your off days, you’ll focus on enjoying the beauty of wherever you’re at. 

    Great Amenities

    Coworking spaces have become attractive to startups and SMEs as they receive all office amenities necessary to run a business without worrying about long-lease terms and budget restrictions. The same goes for digital nomads who need an office environment while they can explore their area after work. 

    Receive fax and printing services, use of the reception, and even meeting rooms for privacy! 

    Improved Productivity

    Surveys have shown a staggering increase in productivity among those who work in coworking spaces. According to Deskmag, 71% of survey participants reported a boost in creativity and 62% reported their standard of work improved.

    If you’re stuck in a rut, coworking spaces can help you find your groove and get in the zone to finish your work for some fun under the sun. 

    CoWorking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Asia

    Now that you know how to choose great coworking spaces in Southeast Asia and why they are worth going to, the next question is: What is the best coworking space to get projects done in?

    Here are some of the spaces to consider adding to your travel plans, depending on the country you plan on visiting!

    Philippines: Common Crew in Panglao Bohol

    Common Crew Bohol -

    Panglao Island is one of the Philippines’ attractive islands, and Common Crew allows you to have a taste of tropical life while you get work done. This is an al fresco-style coworking space where you’ll be surrounded by nature, natural lighting, and fresh air.

    That way, you have the perfect environment to get your creative juices flowing! Adding to that, they offer unlimited brewed coffee to keep you energized the entire day.

    Thailand: The Brick Startup Space in Chiang Mai

    The Brick Startup Space in Chiang Mai

    If you’re a budding entrepreneur or startup that needs an office space to get work done, The Brick Startup in Chiangmai, Thailand is a good choice. It is strategically located, where you will be within walking distance of popular restaurants, pubs, and food carts.

    They are also open to digital nomads with their spacious coworking areas equipped with standing desks and ergonomic chairs. 

    India: 91Springboard in multiple locations

    Coworking space in India- India: 91Springboard

    91Springboard is one of the more popular coworking spaces in India because of its spacious area. Moreover, they have multiple locations across India, so if you will be traveling to different areas in the country, you’ll have a coworking space to depend on so you can get work done.

    They offer all you need for an office, along with cost-effective subscription plans and enterprise development opportunities.

    Cambodia: BasisPoint in Phnom Penh

    Cambodia: BasisPoint in Phnom Penh

    CoWorking Spaces in CambodiaFor digital nomads who prefer more of a café vibe for work inspiration, then BasisPoint in Cambodia is a spectacular option. It feels like a more luxurious café with its modern interiors and spacious area where you can work in sofas, shared tables, or private desks.

    No more feeling cramped in cafes with loud music and café goers! 

    Vietnam: Hub Hoi An in Hoi An

    Hub Hoi An in Hoi An

    Hoi An isn’t the most popular city among digital nomads but is worth heading to, especially because you have more peace surrounded by rich culture and beaches. 

    The Hub is strategically located near AN Bang Beach and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can switch to vacation mode the moment you’re done with work! 

    Japan: Creative Lounge MOV in Shibuya

    Creative Lounge MOV in Shibuya

    This is an aesthetic coworking space that sets a modern professional vibe with lots of lighting, comfortable seating, and spacious areas to make it easier to work in. 

    Work in the open lounge, have conferences in their meeting room, or stay in their residence area if you plan to avail a dedicated desk! 

    Bali: Outpost in Canggu

    Bali: Outpost in Canggu

    What we love about Outpost is how it works as both a coworking and coliving space, so you won’t have to worry about going anywhere else to get projects done. The area is spacious and has a bright, modern atmosphere to keep you motivated. 

    Besides the private rooms and comfy open areas to work in, they have comfortable rooms to rest in and a café filled with delicious food.

    Sri Lanka: The Executive Centre

    Sri Lanka: The Executive Centre

    The Executive Centre gives you more of a professional feeling amid the hustle and bustle of city life! They aren’t just located in Sri Lanka but in various areas around the world, so you can always rely on the coworking space no matter where you go.

    Their coworking space offers natural lighting from their wide windows and more open space with various tables to work from.

    Wrapping It Up

    Did this guide on coworking spaces in Southeast Asia help you plan for your trip? We sure hope it did! 

    Make sure you consider the factors mentioned above and look into the coworking spaces we listed. They are worth visiting, especially with their awesome perks.

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